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Natural and Alternative Treatments

Neurological explanation for migraines with a cervical origin

Current research as well as clinical observations of patients prone to migraines permit us to now consider the cervical region as a source of migraine cause and/or aggravation. Although the link between migraines and their status as cervicogenic (i.e., of cervical origin) is recognizable clinically, the exact neurological mechanisms are still under investigation.

Nevertheless, there exists a new proposed mechanism that seeks to explain the origin of neurological dysfunction leading to the cranial vascular circulatory migraine phenomenon. The theory states that a vertebral dysfunction segmental vertebral dysfunction in one of the three primary cervical sections leads to nerve stimulation of the three nerve roots, which are connected to a structure in the nervous system (the trigeminal nucleus). The trigeminal nucleus innervates the skull and several intracranial and extracranial blood vessels. In addition to this, the afferences originating in the nerve roots of the first three vertebrae innervate the dura mater, the scalp and several sub-occipital muscles. Thus, this incorrect nervous stimulation stimulates a state of hyperexcitation within the central nervous system, that is to say, it becomes vulnerable to all stimuli (indeed to migraine triggers) that then activate the cranial vascular circulatory migraine phenomenon across its mechanism of action on serotonin.

Natural therapeutic care treatments

Cervical spinal manipulation and mobilization

This therapy constitutes the basis of the anti-migraine treatment. The vertebral manipulation commonly called adjustment is a specialized technique allows for a restoration of the articulation of one’s total mobility, without causing discomfort or pain.  It is the treatment of preference for correcting and curbing vertebral dysfunction (segmental vertebral dysfunction).

Massotherapy and  myofascial techniques

Various muscular therapies can be practiced in synergy with vertebral manipulation to accelerate the relaxation of muscular and ligament tissue, and most notably myofascial trigger points. These consist in the stretching and massage of the muscles of the cervical region.


An analysis of posture permits identification of postural anomalies that may cause the occurrence of muscular tension and vertebral dysfunctions. Postural correction via exercise makes up an integral part of the rehabilitation. This will be assessed on an ongoing basis during daily activities and work through ergonomy exercises.


Managing stress and anxiety is not always a simple affair. In certain cases, consultation with a professional proves to be effective for controlling emotional migraine triggers at the beginning of treatment. An internal reference service is available for this.

Our mission

The natural care clinic for migraines and headaches is unique in that it offers to people suffering from headaches a natural, effective, preventative and safe solution with no side-effects, with the aim of recovering optimal quality of life and functioning.